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Tri-Cities Influencer Podcast with Paul Casey

Jan 8, 2022

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Paul Casey: it's a great day to grow forward thanks for joining me today's episode with jet Richardson he's executive director of habitat for humanity here in the tri cities and a fun fact about jet well, he said he's allowed sneezer jet tell us more about that.

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Jet's iPhone: I don't know if there's much.

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Jet's iPhone: More to actually tell you.

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Paul Casey: You could show no no don't do that.

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Jet's iPhone: People off often quite surprised and it's a, it is a family trait, so I will.

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Jet's iPhone: throw my turn my dad under the bus here a little bit and I get it from him.

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Paul Casey: wow.

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Paul Casey: Alright well we'll dive in with jet after checking in with our tries to the influencer sponsor.

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Paul Casey: Thank you for your support of leadership development in the tri cities.

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Paul Casey: Well, welcome Jeff I was privileged to meet you way back in 1995 where I was an elementary principal at liberty Christian school, it was even before that was the vice principal the first year I moved and I think you were in seventh grade so it's been a while.

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Jet's iPhone: That was a long time ago, yes yeah.

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Paul Casey: Look at you now.

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Jet's iPhone: i'm not much taller but.

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Jet's iPhone: I think I have done some things that are a bit different or unexpected since then.

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Paul Casey: Yes, well help our tri city influencers get to know you tell us about.

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Paul Casey: What habitat does tell us what you do for 80% of your day all that stuff.

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Jet's iPhone: yeah so.

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Jet's iPhone: habitat for humanity tri county partners is the official name of our local affiliate here we're located primarily in tri cities, but we do work.

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Jet's iPhone: And walla walla as well and and, quite frankly, our geographical service area sorry geographic servicer is all of Benton Franklin and walla walla counties.

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Jet's iPhone: So we have a lot of work ahead of us, currently we've been in the tri cities we've been operating as an affiliate for 26 years but we've only really worked and Pascoe ritual and and kennewick and walla walla.

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Jet's iPhone: We would love to expand that influence to the outer parts of our counties someday and looking forward to figuring out how to do that habitats mission.

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Jet's iPhone: is seeking to put god's love into action habitat for humanity brings people together to build homes communities and hope and our vision is that everyone in the tri county area would have a decent place to call home.

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Jet's iPhone: We don't.

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Jet's iPhone: We don't give homes away people partner with us to purchase the homes, we provide every discount that we can to make them as affordable as possible.

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Jet's iPhone: For low income families in our in our area.

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Jet's iPhone: But that's the mission and that's the vision that we are trying to carry out here locally.

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Paul Casey: What I love about the vision is it's so big you know I think big visions should be big that it makes it just draws us for like that everyone has.

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Paul Casey: A great place to live right and it's just like man, if you worked every second of every day, it would still be this big vision that you'd still be shooting for so.

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Jet's iPhone: We hope we certainly hope to work ourselves out of a job yeah.

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Jet's iPhone: And, but what's the point in doing this, if you still have people who are homeless or housing insecure in some way or another, we there's still a lot of work to do.

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Paul Casey: Here here so you're an executive director, what do you spend 80% of your day doing.

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Jet's iPhone: Oh, I I probably spend 80% of my day asking other people how to be an executive director.

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Jet's iPhone: it's a very humble answer.

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Jet's iPhone: I, I will say I I probably spend 80% of my day learning, though in some way, shape or form i'm I feel like i'm constantly learning or re educating myself on what I think are good practices for urban planning housing.

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Jet's iPhone: i'm learning, who are people and other organizations that habitat needs to somehow partner with in the Community, or at the State level or even at the federal level.

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Jet's iPhone: Constantly researching grant opportunities.

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Jet's iPhone: opportunities that would.

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Jet's iPhone: increase the affordable ness of homes that we're that we're doing and and then asking people to be a part of that so yeah i'd say 80% of my job is is is learning how to do it.

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Jet's iPhone: in some way, shape or form.

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Paul Casey: Great answer yes and so why do you love what you do.

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Jet's iPhone: hmm.

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Jet's iPhone: I think I.

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Jet's iPhone: I want to I you know, I was looking at that question earlier and I think it's a real privilege to love what you do.

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Jet's iPhone: I don't think it's something that everybody experiences or is experiencing, currently, especially in this in this current era where job job security.

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Jet's iPhone: and employment has been.

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Jet's iPhone: Just all over the map, so to say so.

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Jet's iPhone: To love what you do I think it's a huge privilege and to have something to do it's a huge.

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Jet's iPhone: blessing in itself.

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Jet's iPhone: So.

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Jet's iPhone: So I, as I was thinking about that you know why really.

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Jet's iPhone: kind of stands out because.

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Jet's iPhone: I love, what I do.

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Jet's iPhone: Because it's something that I think I find just inspiring and motivating.

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Jet's iPhone: To see people come together to be a part of building a better community.

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Jet's iPhone: And at the same time working for an organization like habitat it's a triple win you know it's it's it's a win for.

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Jet's iPhone: The people that we serve who want to get out of subsidized Rentals and into affordable home ownership create wealth and opportunity for their children and their grandchildren.

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Jet's iPhone: it's a win for the communities that we are constantly evaluating and looking for ways to make sure that everybody moves forward and upward and it's a win, for I think myself just to be a part of that and to be a part of the staff.

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Jet's iPhone: And people who feel similarly similarly passionate about the issue of housing.

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Paul Casey: yeah I can hear your gratefulness coming through in that answer I can hear your passion for the mission which is.

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Paul Casey: What you want from any nonprofit executive leader, because it just spills out into like I said, the staff and the families and the Community so love that.

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Paul Casey: So Jen and your journey to be where you are today what have you learned from previous bosses supervisors that could be good or bad that you keep in mind today, while you lead.

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Jet's iPhone: that's a really good question um i've had my share of bosses over the years.

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Jet's iPhone: And i've had like you said, good and bad ones, I think we all have.

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Jet's iPhone: Even if, even if they weren't explicitly bad bosses you've had bosses that weren't as great as others you've had favorite people to work for and people that you just work with you know.

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Jet's iPhone: As I think about what the good bosses or the bosses in my life that I have the most respect for and.

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Jet's iPhone: How I feel that I have taken that experience and to my own managerial role is recognizing that their success sorry the people that work for me that report to me their success.

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Jet's iPhone: is not a zero sum game their success is not mean my failure if they say that they if they succeed and move away or move on to bigger and better things.

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Jet's iPhone: outside of the role or the job that they have right now it's not a failure on my part, that is, that is awesome to be able to cultivate.

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Jet's iPhone: relationships with people and develop skills and other people that they can then take on to more opportunities for themselves bigger and better.

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Jet's iPhone: and exciting things for them that's a huge success that's something that not all my bosses felt, you know they they felt some of my bosses previously felt like.

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Jet's iPhone: They needed to keep me in a role, because it was good, it looks good for them, but they didn't want to see much growth, they just wanted to see that.

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Jet's iPhone: job was getting done.

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Jet's iPhone: And then they went on themselves to bigger and better things and just kind of leave you behind and so.

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Jet's iPhone: What I what i've taken away was that.

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Jet's iPhone: I want to see the people that work for me achieve more than me.

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Jet's iPhone: Because that's that's.

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Jet's iPhone: that's success that I can.

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Jet's iPhone: I can really be proud of, so I think looking for opportunities with people.

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Jet's iPhone: To try new things to develop skills really understand what motivates them and what.

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Jet's iPhone: Their goals are so that I can, if I can play a part in helping them achieve that I think that's it's just very rewarding.

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Jet's iPhone: and

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Jet's iPhone: i'm surprised, as I look back over my bosses that that that that is rare doesn't wasn't always the case, but I had a few and honestly I believe that's partly why I felt the confidence to go after this role.

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Jet's iPhone: And to be doing what i'm doing now is because they cultivated that success in me.

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Paul Casey: Well, so good yeah I don't think people should be in a leadership role my personal opinion is shouldn't be in a leadership role if they don't have.

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Paul Casey: The growth and development of their people as one of their primary functions, I really believe that we have to help our people get better.

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Paul Casey: So you're right when that day comes when they move on to some other green pasture maybe it's greener.

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Paul Casey: That we we have set them up for success and we smile and cheer them on as they leave because they have become better under our watch, then they came in and it wasn't just a stepping stone.

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Paul Casey: And an endurance that we just got through another day together, but we were very intentional in that and leadership.

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Paul Casey: So leaders, also have to fire themselves up because every day you're out in front you're the face of the organization, where do you go jet for inspiration as a leader to fire yourself up.

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Jet's iPhone: I really wish I had a better answer for this.

00:12:25.800 --> 00:12:26.490
Jet's iPhone: I think.

00:12:30.060 --> 00:12:31.110
Jet's iPhone: In order to.

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Jet's iPhone: inspire myself for habitat and at this epic pass via the executive director.

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Jet's iPhone: it's important for me to be in contact and to work with other executive directors from around the state.

00:12:48.090 --> 00:12:50.940
Jet's iPhone: hearing what they're working on what their challenges are.

00:12:52.770 --> 00:12:58.560
Jet's iPhone: It allows me opportunity to learn and inform sometimes.

00:12:59.790 --> 00:13:07.230
Jet's iPhone: I think there are there are affiliate leaders that I can offer some solutions to or guidance or and then other times and most likely.

00:13:08.040 --> 00:13:26.070
Jet's iPhone: they're offering that for me and and it's a it's a reminder that the mission like you said is big and it's bigger than our affiliate it's bigger than our State actually and our country what habitats trying to do around the world.

00:13:27.420 --> 00:13:44.250
Jet's iPhone: Is a huge undertaking, and I think, making sure that I have some regular connection with other people that are serving at the same capacity level that I am is important, just to not get burnt out.

00:13:46.200 --> 00:13:50.460
Jet's iPhone: But to remind myself, that there are there are many, many other people.

00:13:51.840 --> 00:13:56.970
Jet's iPhone: engaged in this work and who have stories of inspiration that.

00:13:58.470 --> 00:13:59.130
Jet's iPhone: are good for me.

00:14:00.420 --> 00:14:11.730
Paul Casey: yeah because it's stories of inspiration pull us up even their frustrations, we can commiserate with like oh other people struggle to not just me i'm not struggling here by myself.

00:14:12.150 --> 00:14:14.040
Paul Casey: and ideas get traded.

00:14:14.310 --> 00:14:21.060
Paul Casey: that's why I love mastermind groups I think you're in one with some executive directors, that I know of as well.

00:14:21.720 --> 00:14:29.850
Paul Casey: As well as in your industry with habitat and other affiliate directors so tries to the influencer listeners if you're not in some kind of group.

00:14:30.360 --> 00:14:47.430
Paul Casey: Where people at your level your role within your industry or just across industries gather, I would say form one make a group invite some friends keep each other accountable keep each other pumped up and you'll you'll look forward to those meetings each and every month.

00:14:49.170 --> 00:15:01.770
Paul Casey: And then jet there's the continuous improvement aspect I know you're a learner and so you have to set the tone and leadership for learning what are you currently working on yourself to better yourself.

00:15:03.810 --> 00:15:04.200
Jet's iPhone: I think.

00:15:05.220 --> 00:15:05.820
Jet's iPhone: i'm.

00:15:07.080 --> 00:15:13.650
Jet's iPhone: dive into more specifically, some of the things that I i'm learning about one of those areas is.

00:15:16.710 --> 00:15:19.950
Jet's iPhone: In the area of racial reconciliation.

00:15:21.210 --> 00:15:34.560
Jet's iPhone: You know tri cities i've well i've lived i've had the opportunity to live in many urban environments, bigger than the tri cities, other countries and continents.

00:15:35.880 --> 00:15:50.130
Jet's iPhone: And one of the things that I don't think i've ever really thought very carefully about or critically about is what is the racial diversity of our own community here locally and.

00:15:51.840 --> 00:15:56.370
Jet's iPhone: I think it was became very pertinent this last year and a half.

00:15:57.420 --> 00:16:02.400
Jet's iPhone: As the racial reconciliation conversation has you know sparked.

00:16:03.600 --> 00:16:06.990
Jet's iPhone: Many, many, many debates and just.

00:16:08.010 --> 00:16:23.310
Jet's iPhone: passionate conversations all over the country, what does that mean for us locally and we're not exempt from it, what but what does that look like, and so one of the things that i've just been trying to read up and better understand is.

00:16:25.050 --> 00:16:27.540
Jet's iPhone: This is what does that mean here.

00:16:28.650 --> 00:16:31.710
Jet's iPhone: habitat for humanity's very existence.

00:16:32.940 --> 00:16:38.160
Jet's iPhone: started in rural Georgia, you know 50 years ago and.

00:16:39.450 --> 00:16:49.320
Jet's iPhone: It was along those lines of racial reconciliation and how do we, how does how, how do communities, provide for.

00:16:50.250 --> 00:16:57.120
Jet's iPhone: People and create opportunity for those that need it, the most and those that need it, the most in Georgia at that time, where the sharecroppers.

00:16:57.660 --> 00:17:17.640
Jet's iPhone: So habitats existence its roots is in racial reconciliation and then never really thought about that aspect of the organization and its mission until this last year and a half and wanting to better understand how does that How does that applied to us locally.

00:17:19.110 --> 00:17:34.770
Jet's iPhone: Who are who are the people that we are are trying to serve and what does that look like and not to shy away from the conversation, but actually just try to educate myself a little bit more, so that we can come up with.

00:17:35.880 --> 00:17:40.500
Jet's iPhone: Collaborative approaches to address, whatever the situation is.

00:17:41.250 --> 00:17:49.740
Paul Casey: so good, and I think we have tri cities recently in the fall had a diversity equity inclusion conference I don't know if you went to that.

00:17:50.580 --> 00:17:56.220
Paul Casey: But I heard, I heard good things that it's one of the ways this area is trying to do what you're doing, which is so good.

00:17:56.490 --> 00:18:11.070
Paul Casey: Not just go back to your organization's roots and pull that forward into the present here in tri cities, but like you said to not shy away from the discussion, but to learn, even if you don't feel like an expert on it just keep learning about it, so that you can be a part of the discussion.

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Paul Casey: How do you balance and integrate family time personal time jet you know work as a nonprofit executive could take up every minute of your day and week So how do you give that priority time.

00:18:27.930 --> 00:18:35.610
Paul Casey: To work so that family doesn't suffer and families, so that work doesn't suffer it's probably not an easy answer, but what are you currently trying.

00:18:37.980 --> 00:18:44.040
Jet's iPhone: Honestly, Paul this isn't a struggle for me I I I.

00:18:45.150 --> 00:18:52.620
Jet's iPhone: I love the work and I realized that it doesn't always fit the standard nine to five.

00:18:54.300 --> 00:19:00.360
Jet's iPhone: date, you know typical work week that other jobs have but.

00:19:01.860 --> 00:19:02.700
Jet's iPhone: The balance.

00:19:02.760 --> 00:19:15.990
Jet's iPhone: For me, is is in boundaries it's when i'm home i'm home that's that's where I I turn off that's where I unwind I don't I try not to check my email too much unless.

00:19:16.680 --> 00:19:18.090
Jet's iPhone: i'm waiting on something that.

00:19:18.150 --> 00:19:29.910
Jet's iPhone: needed my response you know when i'm home it's that's it i'm i've never been one that works well from home I work better from you this.

00:19:30.450 --> 00:19:48.030
Jet's iPhone: And so, this whole I think the bigger challenge has been you know in our current environment with everyone, preferring to work from home how do I get my staff to come back to the office to work with me here because that's where I work better when i'm when i'm at the office.

00:19:48.300 --> 00:19:48.840
Jet's iPhone: working.

00:19:49.170 --> 00:19:51.630
Jet's iPhone: And when i'm when i'm at home i'm relaxing.

00:19:53.490 --> 00:20:02.850
Jet's iPhone: So, having those boundaries, I think, is really important for me to achieve that that balance but, honestly, it hasn't been.

00:20:04.230 --> 00:20:11.160
Jet's iPhone: It really hasn't been an issue you know, maybe there, maybe i'm maybe that's a blind spot that I need to think about and talk to my board.

00:20:12.180 --> 00:20:13.650
Jet's iPhone: If they feel like I haven't gotten a.

00:20:13.920 --> 00:20:14.490

00:20:15.780 --> 00:20:16.710
Jet's iPhone: times but.

00:20:17.220 --> 00:20:24.750
Jet's iPhone: To be honest, it's it's boundaries and it's also it's also staffing, you know I, I have a staff that.

00:20:25.890 --> 00:20:38.940
Jet's iPhone: is amazing, and they do their jobs well and I don't have to worry about little things if I know that they're taking care of it, you know they're they're doing their job they're doing it well.

00:20:40.470 --> 00:20:52.290
Jet's iPhone: And, and things are getting done, even if i'm not watching them and so when i'm when I can when I leave the office, I can I can turn my brain off a little bit and and just relax.

00:20:53.160 --> 00:21:01.050
Paul Casey: I applaud your great boundaries, because the work will still be there tomorrow and most things that we make urgent are truly urgent so.

00:21:01.380 --> 00:21:12.450
Paul Casey: I really applaud that and I think you're right on that the best work life balance is a great staff or a great team wrapped around you at which you can empower to keep doing great things and.

00:21:12.870 --> 00:21:26.340
Paul Casey: You recharge your batteries, so you can stay out in front so yeah totally totally applaud that and I want to talk more about your team, but let's uh let's pause before we head into that next question and give a shout out to our sponsor.

00:21:29.700 --> 00:21:36.270
Paul Casey: So Jeff let's talk about hiring and retaining great employees, probably more pertinent today than ever before, how.

00:21:36.660 --> 00:21:47.430
Paul Casey: what's your process or the organization's process for attracting great talent and then what are you trying to do intentionally in the workplace, so that employees, want to stay with you.

00:21:51.120 --> 00:21:53.910
Jet's iPhone: Well, if someone has figured this out, please let me know.

00:21:56.070 --> 00:21:57.840
Paul Casey: you're supposed to have all the answers for.

00:21:59.850 --> 00:22:00.600
Jet's iPhone: Certainly.

00:22:00.690 --> 00:22:07.980
Jet's iPhone: Certainly, do not have all the answers in this area, but it is a pertinent question because we are in the hiring process right now.

00:22:07.980 --> 00:22:08.310
Paul Casey: For.

00:22:08.700 --> 00:22:10.170
Jet's iPhone: For two key positions.

00:22:11.580 --> 00:22:12.120
Jet's iPhone: and

00:22:14.040 --> 00:22:20.100
Jet's iPhone: This will be since i've been at the in the role here, probably the fourth or fifth person i've i've hired.

00:22:21.630 --> 00:22:27.030
Jet's iPhone: And what i've learned through that process is to manage expectations early.

00:22:28.680 --> 00:22:29.760
Jet's iPhone: it's really.

00:22:30.900 --> 00:22:34.620
Jet's iPhone: You know it's it's a it's a, you have the job description.

00:22:36.570 --> 00:22:52.050
Jet's iPhone: In front of you, and you know you put that out as as and post it and people are applying to it, and I think what's common in every single nonprofit job description i've ever read is the very last point additional duties as we acquire.

00:22:53.820 --> 00:22:55.800
Paul Casey: The most important one yeah.

00:22:55.890 --> 00:23:03.000
Jet's iPhone: which you know automatically I think this last hiring round I just took that last bullet and moved it to the top.

00:23:04.200 --> 00:23:04.620
Jet's iPhone: First.

00:23:04.680 --> 00:23:05.340
Jet's iPhone: first thing.

00:23:07.080 --> 00:23:16.740
Jet's iPhone: But, but it it it speaks to I think the bigger challenge of managing expectations, you know we are an affiliate.

00:23:17.880 --> 00:23:22.050
Jet's iPhone: Locally with about eight to 10 full time equivalent staff.

00:23:23.970 --> 00:23:32.070
Jet's iPhone: we're not large by any means and but we're not we're not the smallest in the state, but it means that we all wear multiple hats.

00:23:32.220 --> 00:23:43.380
Jet's iPhone: And we all do, different things, and as someone proves themselves, efficient and effective and in a in a capacity that we didn't expect well that's a new job for them, you know.

00:23:44.370 --> 00:23:45.150
Jet's iPhone: it's a.

00:23:45.270 --> 00:23:56.850
Jet's iPhone: it's it's but it's about for me it's about managing expectations, so that people realize that you know what we do isn't.

00:23:57.900 --> 00:24:15.600
Jet's iPhone: limited to our job descriptions that it, it has we all have a bigger role beyond our job description and so to not shy away from from what that means taking on responsibilities, you might not have expected to take on, but being able to do that graciously and.

00:24:16.650 --> 00:24:25.140
Jet's iPhone: and positively, you know that's that's important one of the things I think, for us, though, is a lot of people don't realize.

00:24:26.610 --> 00:24:28.920
Jet's iPhone: habitats connection to the faith community.

00:24:29.940 --> 00:24:30.900
Jet's iPhone: Our background.

00:24:31.950 --> 00:24:43.350
Jet's iPhone: In our very inception, was it with two two missionaries in a pastor in southern Georgia and that that aspect of our mission seeking to put god's love and action has.

00:24:43.920 --> 00:24:54.330
Jet's iPhone: permeated everything that we do, but I feel a lot of people don't realize that and so sometimes they come into the role and it's like oh I didn't know that this.

00:24:54.900 --> 00:25:05.460
Jet's iPhone: organization was like that and and and it, it can make some people uncomfortable if they're not prepared for it so that's that's one of those aspects of managing expectations, making sure.

00:25:05.850 --> 00:25:13.170
Jet's iPhone: That everybody that comes into the organization is clear on what we're about and what we do and why we do it it's.

00:25:13.680 --> 00:25:17.730
Jet's iPhone: it's certainly not to limit or isolate anybody, but.

00:25:18.930 --> 00:25:20.250
Jet's iPhone: it's one of those things where.

00:25:21.360 --> 00:25:26.580
Jet's iPhone: If everyone understands the job description and the mission fully.

00:25:27.750 --> 00:25:28.170
Jet's iPhone: Then.

00:25:29.760 --> 00:25:48.930
Jet's iPhone: If you want to be a part of the team then great there's a role for you, and if not, we hope that you find the role that the job or the organization that fits for you, better, but from the very beginning, from day one from when they the first interview starts there yeah.

00:25:48.960 --> 00:25:55.620
Paul Casey: being very clear with the why the vision, the mission, if you want to align with us we're going this direction.

00:25:56.160 --> 00:26:00.300
Paul Casey: Jim Collins always talked about getting the right seat people in the right seats on the on the bus.

00:26:00.840 --> 00:26:06.840
Paul Casey: So huge and I do a seminar on giving and receiving feedback constructively.

00:26:07.260 --> 00:26:20.340
Paul Casey: And I my definition of feedback is calibrating expectations, just two words so you talked about managing expectations, because that's where the conflict, usually happens on a team is I thought.

00:26:20.730 --> 00:26:35.550
Paul Casey: I was supposed to do this, you thought I was supposed to do this, and now we have a conflict so as a leader, if we can manage that make it as clear as possible and keep people updated along the way there's a good chance we're going to have less of that unnecessary conflict.

00:26:36.990 --> 00:26:47.370
Paul Casey: How do you feel about delegation jet is that a struggle for you, is it something that comes naturally any tips on delegation that you've learned, while you've been in the Leader chair.

00:26:47.970 --> 00:26:49.710
Jet's iPhone: I love telling people what to do.

00:26:51.300 --> 00:26:51.600
Paul Casey: Okay.

00:26:51.630 --> 00:26:52.890
Jet's iPhone: next question, not a problem.

00:26:56.190 --> 00:27:15.900
Jet's iPhone: Well, no it's it's it's I think it's something that I rely on quite a bit like I said we're a small staff, and we all have our job descriptions, or maybe we should say our job suggestions of like this is the idea that we all went books, but the flexibility to do other things.

00:27:17.220 --> 00:27:23.760
Jet's iPhone: means that I can I can assign tasks that come up rather randomly or unexpectedly.

00:27:24.780 --> 00:27:27.900
Jet's iPhone: To two people that I know that they'll get done.

00:27:30.690 --> 00:27:40.500
Jet's iPhone: One thing, though I I try to keep in mind, as I delegate anything is Am I delegating something that I wouldn't be willing to do myself.

00:27:42.540 --> 00:27:59.400
Jet's iPhone: And if I find that that's the case, then I I don't delegate that task, I hope that if you ever talked to any of my staff, they would say he's never asked me to do something that he hasn't done or been willing to do himself.

00:27:59.460 --> 00:28:00.570
Paul Casey: Yes, yes.

00:28:00.630 --> 00:28:09.690
Jet's iPhone: um, so I think, then, with that thought in mind, as I, as I delegate some sometimes I think people don't like to delegate because.

00:28:11.370 --> 00:28:20.610
Jet's iPhone: they're afraid that the task won't get done well, or to their standards and that's to me that's a communication problem, not.

00:28:21.090 --> 00:28:23.100
Jet's iPhone: A or Anna micromanaging problem.

00:28:23.280 --> 00:28:32.550
Jet's iPhone: If you have a staff that you trust and have experienced success with then it's no problem delegating things to them, because you know the job will get done well.

00:28:34.080 --> 00:28:41.490
Jet's iPhone: And if it doesn't then it was probably a communication error from my part so it's a learning point there another learning opportunity there.

00:28:41.880 --> 00:28:48.090
Paul Casey: yeah donation equals good I mean good communication is essential part of good delegation.

00:28:48.720 --> 00:29:04.080
Jet's iPhone: Right, but then for me to delegate, something I can confidently say i've done this, I know what you got to do like I can help you with it, but you got this you know it's it's a task that I.

00:29:05.550 --> 00:29:18.690
Jet's iPhone: I i've done and I i'm i'm not shirking the responsibility by giving it to you, but actually i'm still do that you can do this well so that's that's kind of the difference there feel.

00:29:19.830 --> 00:29:32.490
Jet's iPhone: When it comes to delegation is is really just being mindful of what i'm asking someone to do, and this is something that I wouldn't ask someone that I if it's something that I haven't done or wouldn't do myself and why am I, asking them to do it.

00:29:34.650 --> 00:29:38.010
Jet's iPhone: it's it's important, I think, to understand that about myself.

00:29:38.640 --> 00:29:45.390
Paul Casey: yeah that's delegation isn't dumping and that's what often people do and they're not willing to do it themselves so it's leading by example.

00:29:45.870 --> 00:29:57.510
Paul Casey: And being a servant leader, which you're illustrating with that so we're learning that about you jet and also that if you're proficient in your organization, we reward you with more work no just kidding.

00:30:00.210 --> 00:30:01.770
Paul Casey: The duties as assigned right.

00:30:02.700 --> 00:30:03.570
Jet's iPhone: Oh yeah I think.

00:30:04.590 --> 00:30:05.730
Jet's iPhone: that's true but.

00:30:07.170 --> 00:30:11.160
Jet's iPhone: you're responsible with with the little things you'll be possible with.

00:30:12.180 --> 00:30:14.820
Paul Casey: Oh it's so good, I think that's in the Bible somewhere.

00:30:15.810 --> 00:30:16.050
Jet's iPhone: that's.

00:30:16.290 --> 00:30:24.510
Paul Casey: Good that's good well Jeff Finally, what advice would you give to new leaders or anyone who wants to keep growing and gaining more influence.

00:30:30.300 --> 00:30:34.410
Jet's iPhone: wow I consider myself a new leader too so.

00:30:36.420 --> 00:30:40.020
Jet's iPhone: it's for me the answer to this is a little bit of the blind leading the blind.

00:30:41.010 --> 00:30:43.890
Paul Casey: From one leader to another one right or another yeah.

00:30:44.730 --> 00:30:45.660
Jet's iPhone: I, I think.

00:30:46.920 --> 00:30:49.320
Jet's iPhone: What comes to mind is focusing on your impact.

00:30:52.320 --> 00:30:53.880
Jet's iPhone: You know humility.

00:30:55.770 --> 00:31:02.550
Jet's iPhone: I think oftentimes humility is equated with meekness and when I when I think of focusing on my impact from a.

00:31:04.110 --> 00:31:07.920
Jet's iPhone: standpoint of humility, it means, am I doing everything that I like.

00:31:09.060 --> 00:31:18.870
Jet's iPhone: If you draw a circle on a piece of paper everything inside that circle as me what I can do what what I can achieve and my filling that circle completely.

00:31:19.050 --> 00:31:23.160
Jet's iPhone: that's still that's humility, I think, as.

00:31:23.700 --> 00:31:25.200
Jet's iPhone: I truly understand it.

00:31:25.620 --> 00:31:27.540
Jet's iPhone: oftentimes we think of meekness.

00:31:29.790 --> 00:31:44.490
Jet's iPhone: And connection to humility and so there's like are you focusing on your impact, are you are you focusing on what you can do and what you can achieve are you challenging yourself to make that circle bigger but still fill it completely.

00:31:45.600 --> 00:31:57.960
Jet's iPhone: When we start to focus on on things outside of that circle, you know that that then becomes I think arrogant and also starts to stretch us in ways that we're not ready.

00:31:59.790 --> 00:32:11.490
Jet's iPhone: And may not be able to handle so so focusing on your sphere of impact your circle of impact what you can do and how you can achieve it and do it well, I think, is really important.

00:32:12.570 --> 00:32:17.040
Jet's iPhone: and defining again those boundaries of what is inside and what is outside of that circle.

00:32:19.980 --> 00:32:21.840
Paul Casey: So good so good, I feel.

00:32:22.050 --> 00:32:24.390
Jet's iPhone: that's probably that's where I would start.

00:32:25.050 --> 00:32:40.680
Paul Casey: fill the circle and anything outside of that circle often becomes a worry to it could be arrogance like you said, but it can also be worried because it's out of my control or yeah it's not in its not in my sphere of influence so yeah.

00:32:40.770 --> 00:32:42.120
Paul Casey: I think that go ahead.

00:32:42.540 --> 00:32:45.180
Jet's iPhone: 111 thing that that comes from is.

00:32:46.230 --> 00:33:06.420
Jet's iPhone: My experience with habitat so far, you know we we focus on people who are we focused on helping families and individuals in the Community that fall between 30% and 60% area of media income medium area median income sorry I don't know why that was difficult for me to say, but we often.

00:33:07.920 --> 00:33:11.190
Jet's iPhone: Get lumped into the organizations that are working on housing.

00:33:12.930 --> 00:33:23.910
Jet's iPhone: Beyond that spectrum so particularly housing for homeless individuals experiencing immediately immediate need for housing and urgency.

00:33:24.960 --> 00:33:30.360
Jet's iPhone: And people coming out of transitional housing or started people needing transitional housing coming out of.

00:33:31.320 --> 00:33:52.290
Jet's iPhone: The prisons or recovery programs things like that nature everybody needs a place to live, everyone needs a place to call home habitat is best suited for people between 30 and 60 and up sometimes up to 80% higher median income, and we should be supportive of organizations that do others.

00:33:53.310 --> 00:33:56.670
Jet's iPhone: But it is not our responsibility to fix those problems.

00:33:56.790 --> 00:33:57.090

00:33:58.710 --> 00:33:59.160
Jet's iPhone: and

00:33:59.220 --> 00:34:03.330
Jet's iPhone: And I think so that's where it's being humble and what you know you can do.

00:34:03.540 --> 00:34:04.110
Jet's iPhone: But doing it.

00:34:04.920 --> 00:34:16.470
Paul Casey: yeah staying on mission for sure well Jeff How can our listeners best connect with you and your local the local affiliate here of habitat.

00:34:16.920 --> 00:34:18.360
Jet's iPhone: know my DEMO handle.

00:34:21.960 --> 00:34:24.510
Paul Casey: So what he's saying is he needs donations.

00:34:25.440 --> 00:34:26.190
Jet's iPhone: Just kidding.

00:34:27.510 --> 00:34:39.000
Jet's iPhone: Obviously we're online habitat builds calm is the website for our local affiliate here and our social media on Facebook, is the same handle.

00:34:40.380 --> 00:34:49.500
Jet's iPhone: But yeah feel free to stop by we have a we have a great store for DIY projects, then you can learn more about the mission there.

00:34:49.800 --> 00:35:07.980
Jet's iPhone: What we're doing feel free to fill out a volunteer application and come out to the site where we're working in Pascoe right now, and hopefully in other parts of the Community and the greater counties, as we try to seek to impact people beyond just the tri cities.

00:35:09.390 --> 00:35:14.580
Paul Casey: Well, thanks again Jeff for all you do to make the tri cities, a great place and keep leading well.

00:35:15.750 --> 00:35:16.470
Jet's iPhone: Thank you for.

00:35:17.250 --> 00:35:27.240
Paul Casey: Let me wrap up our podcast today with a leadership resource to recommend and i've just redesigned my website now I haven't obviously I hire better people.

00:35:27.810 --> 00:35:36.090
Paul Casey: To do that i'll put in a plug for spotted fox digital here in the tri city, so if you haven't been over to my website Paul

00:35:36.510 --> 00:35:53.400
Paul Casey: I encourage you to go over there there's some free resources there there's some ones that my books are on that site and some other tools, you can see, the other services, I offer would love for you to just check it out and give your give your comments on Paul

00:35:55.620 --> 00:36:05.430
Paul Casey: Again this is Paul Casey and I want to thank my guest jet Richardson from habitat for humanity tri county partners for being here today on the tri cities influencer podcast.

00:36:05.820 --> 00:36:15.330
Paul Casey: We want to thank our sponsor and invite you to support them, we appreciate you making this possible, so that we can collaborate to help inspire leaders in our Community.

00:36:15.870 --> 00:36:20.790
Paul Casey: Finally, one more leadership tidbit for the road to help you make a difference in your circle of influence.

00:36:21.120 --> 00:36:37.530
Paul Casey: it's from Tony Robbins he said, the higher your energy level, the more efficient your body, the more efficient in your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results so until next time kg F keep growing forward.