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Tri-Cities Influencer Podcast with Paul Casey

May 25, 2019

Something funny about them is that they once shared an office and it didn’t work out so well. Gigi likes
to work in silence and Tony likes to tap his pen, listen to music or podcasts.
They started a business called Contenders Boxing which was created originally to keep kids off the
streets. While watching businesses in the old downtown Kennewick area come and go, they decided to
capitalize on Gigi’s talents, which are marketing and social media. This is how their business Two Wicked
Geese was formed. They have a passion for serving other small local businesses. While building Two
Wicked Geese, an opportunity came along for them called Rock Steady Boxing, which is a non-contact
program for patients with Parkinson’s. They started with a group of 7 patients and grew very quickly
over a year to 25 patients.
When adding members to their team they look for individuals that can follow directions, are coachable,
a good listener and a communicator. They also look for someone who takes the initiative.
They encourage their clients to do one Facebook Live per week. They point out client’s positives and
then praise them for their actions. They ask them to stretch themselves, and then validate and
encourage them.
They try once a week to sit down together to talk about their goals and plans. They utilize white boards
and set separate goals as well as goals as a couple. They firmly believe in seeing their goals written down
and manifesting them by focusing on them.
To keep them from procrastinating, they do a lot of batch work. It’s so easy to get distracted. They use
Rescue Time app which helps them with work/life balance. Breaks are really important in this process.
Their ideal day is getting to bed at 9:00, and because of Tony’s military background, he is ready for the
day at 4:30 am. Tony is up and ready to workout, and Gigi is busy taking care of their son; her work day
starts at about 7:30. She often goes for walks, that is followed by watching an inspirational training, then
it’s time to work on a client’s project, lunch time, and they try to end their day by 3:00pm. They often
start and end their day with something positive. To keep themselves motivated, they read books, watch
a lot of Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and Simon Sinek. Because they are business partners and also married,
they work hard to plug into something that will inspire them in several areas.
Tony and Gigi feel their secret weapon is continuing education in their field. They are continually
learning. With social media they can easily connect with their greatest mentors. They are also a part of
several mastermind groups. Staying current and relevant is very important in their business.
Their greatest challenge as an entrepreneur is counting on the freelancers that they subcontract with.
Delegating is one of Gigi’s hardest challenges. Rewards are very simple, when a client calls and says that
they have received new leads due to an ad campaign. With Rocksteady Boxing the rewards may seem
small but they are the things we take for granted (like dressing yourself).
To clear her mind and take a break, Gigi Vacuums the house! As a family they really enjoy traveling
whether it be big cities or third world countries. They really love meeting people from all over the world.

Their advice for other leaders is to surround yourself with other like-minded individuals. Educate
yourself: podcasts, books, programs--and prioritize self-care.