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Tri-Cities Influencer Podcast with Paul Casey

May 5, 2019

Maronda is the owner of Consider it DONE! Personal Concierge, and a fun fact about her is that she and her family talk in
movie lines. Maronda was raised by parents who are entrepreneurs: her father owns North East Carpet Company and
her mother started Consider it DONE! 25 years ago.
Consider it Done was named by Maronda’s oldest son when he was asked to color pictures for his grandmother’s
refrigerator; he replied “Consider it DONE, Grammy!” Maronda started working at the age of 13 as a busgirl for her
mother who was a restaurant manager. Her mother taught her how to be a servant-leader. A leader is someone who is
willing to do what others are not; a leader is someone who serves. Throughout her teenage years she also did work for
her mother when she started Consider it DONE! After Maronda suffered a neck injury at a manufacturing company she
was approached by a friend who needed a personal assistant after his wife had passed away. That is when she decided
to bring CID to the Tri-cities. Serving her community is what is most important to Maronda.
What surprises her most is that she is very much like her mother. When she was a teenager she did not enjoy helping
her mother with CID, but as an adult it has come full circle--now that she is in her 40’s, she is surprised at how much she
enjoys it. Her sister also operates CID in Massachusetts.
Her advice for leaders in the community is to serve their employees. When you do that, you are building a relationship,
rapport, and trust. People really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Serve your
employees to the best of your ability. She absolutely believes that her life’s purpose is to love people, and that can be
done through the smallest acts of kindness.
In 2013 Maronda experienced the toughest year of her life. She went through a divorce, her 2-year-old niece drowned in
her father’s swimming pool, and 8 other people in her family and friends circle died. She experienced debilitating anxiety
for the first time in her life and decided to leave the Direct Sales world to pursue a career with a brick and mortar
business called Pasta Mama’s. This was a huge decision as she was used to being her own boss, while being a stay at
home mother with her husband bringing in a second income. This was a huge step for her because the direct sales world
is really made for her. Coming through all the difficulty, she learned that life is way too short, that every day we open
our eyes is a blessing, and that she can do hard things. Having experienced anxiety in this way, coming out the other side
she can be an influencer, networker, mother and business owner. This too shall pass, not this too shall stay. Life is not
about how hard you can get hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.
The biggest influencer in her life was her grandmother. She found something to love in everyone. She taught her that
being part of a team means We over Me. Her favorite leaders in the self-improvement world are Anthony Robbins,
James Arthur Ray, Brene Brown, Rachel Hollis, and of course, John C. Maxwell. Maronda is a self-proclaimed self-
improvement junkie.
Maronda does her best work in her home office where it is quiet. She utilizes the app called ToDoist, a paper planner
and sets alerts on her phone. All her tools work seamlessly together. She schedules her days around her clients’ needs.
She takes one afternoon a week to do self-pampering so that she can be filled up so that she isn’t pouring from an
empty vessel. Quiet time is so important.
She is a firm believer in vision boards, setting clear intentions. CID is a vehicle to get her to her dream career which is to
be a Life Coach. She is pursuing that dream currently.

When casting the vision to her team when leading hundreds in direct sales, she simply lived her brand out loud. She
modeled the way and people wanted to be on her team.
Her biggest challenge right now is having enough hours in the day. Leveraging her time to be the most productive so she
is covering all her positions in life as a mother, partner, entrepreneur.
What brings her joy is the smiles on the customers faces when a task is completed. She surrounds herself with people
that are better than her in the areas that she doesn’t excel in. She keeps a LOVE file to remind her that she is on the
right track when she is having a hard day. She also writes gratitude lists to keep her in thankfulness.
Giving back to your community is essential. Leaders are givers and it’s important to link arms, network and serve other
leaders in town. She does that at the networking group The Link. She is a connector and loves referring other local
businesses. She loves the Tri. When you don’t network and give to your community, you are doing your community a
disservice. God only made one you, and she believes you were made to do big things.
She does her best to live by the 4 agreements, which is always do your best, be impeccable with your word, don’t make
assumptions and don’t take anything personally.